What is a vasectomy? Can it be reversed if you decide to have children?


Vasectomy is also known as tubal ligation and is one method of contraception for men. Its effectiveness is reported to be around the 99% mark, and therefore it is primarily aimed at men who no longer want children (whether they already have any or not).

It’s not possible without surgery

Vasectomy is actually a microsurgical procedure to sever the fallopian tube. This prevents sperm from traveling from the testicles during ejaculation to the penis and out of the penis. Instead, they are gradually absorbed into the surrounding tissue. It is performed by incising and ligating the fallopian tubes, which are responsible for transporting sperm into the ejaculate.

Vasectomy and what to know about it

If a man undergoes this form of male contraception, then he can still have normal sex, but with the difference that his sperm does not contain sperm. But there is no need to worry – these smallest cells of the human body make up only a very small part of the ejaculate, so there is certainly nothing to tell at first glance.

Scalpel-free vasectomy method

Nowadays, it doesn’t have to be a major surgery, everything can be done under local anesthesia. In a scalpel-free vasectomy, the doctor proceeds by first numbing the skin on the scrotum. He then gently grasps it and uses a special instrument to separate the layers. He doesn’t use a scalpel and the hole that is created certainly can’t be called an incision. The tools used for this procedure are only 6 millimetres in diameter. There is therefore usually no need to suture the wound, as the skin simply sticks to itself. After a few days, the wound will heal itself and no traces will be left on the body after the treatment.

Can a vasectomy be reversed?

This method of male contraception should only be used by men who are determined not to have any more children.The reversal procedure is possible, but it is quite complicated and its success cannot be guaranteed.


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