What is prohibited during radiotherapy? Do not neglect these things


Radiotherapy is always a major intervention on the body. And in order to maximize its effects, it is advisable to follow certain principles. These include skin care, diet and lifestyle.

Forbidden foods during radiotherapy

During the period when you are being treated with this method, avoid eating fatty and spicy foods in particular, or those that are generally considered unhealthy. These include all kinds of salty snacks (chips, salty bars, etc.), desserts, cold cuts, fast food chains, etc. If you want to increase the caloric content of your meals (especially since you usually can’t eat too many), then bet on adding healthy fats to your diet (olive oil, cod liver oil, organic butter, nuts). These are a source of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and other substances that the body needs to heal itself.

Drinking sugary carbonated beverages, which add unnecessary empty calories to the body without filling it up, is not advisable either. And the same goes for alcohol and excessive coffee.

When radiotherapy is carried out in the head area, it is necessary to make sure that food is sufficiently washed down (this treatment reduces saliva production). The same recommendation applies to radiotherapy in the abdomen, but in addition it is advisable to exclude all dairy products, which are usually not well tolerated by the digestive tract. It is also important to add fibre to the diet, without which the intestines may not work well. What about radiotherapy in the chest area? This usually has the least restrictions – only easily digestible food divided into 5-6 portions per day is recommended. Apart from alcohol, the otherwise popular mint tea is not recommended, as it often leads to heartburn.

Skin care during radiotherapy

Another area of “don’ts” applies to your skin. It is very sensitive after any such treatment and you could seriously damage it if you are not careful with it. First of all stop using alcohol-based sprays and deodorants (deodorants are generally more suitable as bullets or solids).

Also avoid any sudden changes in temperature – so completely avoid ice packs or hair dryers, for example. Also, never use adhesive plasters on irradiated skin.

Also avoid visiting a chlorinated swimming pool or sauna for the duration of your radiotherapy treatment. Sunbathing (even in a tanning bed) is also prohibited. Always use creams with a high sun protection factor during the weekdays (regardless of the season).

Also, wear only loose and airy clothing made of natural and soft fabrics (cotton or silk is best) until the treatment is completed. And wash all textiles that directly touch the skin in allergy-safe detergents. This way you can be sure that you really haven’t neglected anything.


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