What are the symptoms of tomato allergy?

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Whether you are an experienced allergy sufferer who goes through all the allergy symptoms in the course of the year or you have not yet noticed any allergy symptoms, an allergy to tomatoes can occur at any time. In young children, teenagers and adults. Take a look at the symptoms of tomato allergy, find out what causes it and how to relieve allergy symptoms.

What causes food allergies

Tomato allergy is one of the relatively common food allergies. In fact, some of us are sensitive to specific antigens contained in tomatoes, or to anthocyanins and lycopene.

But tomatoes themselves may not be to blame. Many people incorrectly think that the antigens mentioned above are causing their allergy, but human intervention may be behind the reaction. This is in the form of chemicals contained in fertilisers and dyes or preservatives contained in processed purees and other products. In this case, organic products or growing your own tomatoes and other vegetables are the solution.

Tomato allergy symptoms

The symptoms of food allergies are generally quite extensive. Therefore, many of us do not even think that it may be an allergic reaction of the organism and instead attribute the problems to other problems.

The most common manifestations of food allergies include:

  • skin rash, hives or eczema
  • itchy palms
  • eye irritation – burning and watering
  • stomach upset – from cramps, to vomiting, to diarrhea
  • cough, runny nose and sneezing
  • swelling of the face, lips or throat
  • itching of the tongue, throat or mouth
  • breathing problems and asthma attacks
  • anaphylactic shock – but this is very rare

How to recognise a tomato allergy

As we mentioned in the introduction, food allergies can occur at any stage of life. So, if you are often bothered by any of the above symptoms, try a multi-day diet and eliminate the most common allergens from your diet. Then gradually add them back into your diet, and if you find a problem, go straight to an allergist for skin or blood tests.

Treatment for tomato allergy

If there was a way to get rid of a tomato allergy quickly and easily, I’m sure many people would be relieved. However, as with other food allergies, there is basically only one thing that will help. And that is to eliminate tomatoes from your diet.

But if you don’t want to give up juicy red vegetables and their taste, try orange or yellow tomatoes with caution, which sometimes don’t show symptoms with mild allergies. Alternatively, go for cooked tomatoes, as cooking and other heat treatment of tomatoes can destroy unwanted antigens.

Allergy relief

Tomatoes are found in a wide range of foods from ketchups to less noticeable sauces or juices. So research the ingredients of any food that might contain antigens that are dangerous to you.

But it’s not always easy to keep an eye on allergens at all times, so always carry the necessary medication your doctor has prescribed or recommended just in case. The following are usually used in the treatment of tomato allergy:

  • antihistamines, which reduce the manifestation of the allergy
  • glucocorticoids, which reduce inflammation
  • antidiarrheal drugs for intestinal problems
  • adrenaline pens – such as Epipen – for acute treatment of anaphylactic shock
  • bronchodilators, which eliminate asthma symptoms

Other foods that often cause allergic reactions

Tomatoes are far from the only food to watch out for. Some food allergies are rarer, while others seem to have the sack torn open. The most common of these are certainly allergies to nuts, peanuts or soy. But fish, crustaceans and seafood can also be troublesome.

But lactose intolerance is not uncommon either – that is, dairy products, eggs or the widespread allergy to gluten. However, since December 2014, it has been compulsory and common for restaurants and catering establishments to provide you with a list of allergens contained in food on request. The ingredients of the food will also tell you whether you can enjoy the food in question.


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