What are sick days?

sick days

Employers today often enrich their job offers with various benefits to attract their candidates. Among the most common ones, besides meal vouchers or the possibility to work partly from home, are certainly the so-called sick days. We’ll tell you what we mean by sick days and how to take them.

So what are sick days?

Sick days refer to non-working days that an employee can take when he/she is ill or unable to work. Unlike sick leave, taking sick daysdoes not need to be supported by a doctor’s sick note, so they are most commonly used in the case of minor illness or sickness.

Sick days can thus be translated into English as “sick days”, which employers can include in employee benefits.

How does sick days work

The rules for sick days are set by individual companies through an internal decree or a collective agreement – the conditions of use and other parameters may vary depending on the standards of the employer.

In most cases, however, these are 3-5 days of sick leave, which each employee can choose without informing his/her supervisor in advance. Sick days are then usually paid the same as a normal working day.

Benefits of sick days

The biggest advantage of taking sick days is undoubtedly the ability to take time off without having to take vacation or visit the doctor. In addition, in most cases, sick leave will not be signed on the paycheck.


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