How to cure bronchitis quickly?

Especially in autumn and winter, our body finds it harder to cope with the onslaught of various viruses and bacteria. It often happens that we wake up in the morning with an unpleasant cough or other symptoms of bronchitis. How can we support our body in its fight against illness? Let’s take a look at […]

What not to eat and drink when breastfeeding

Some drinks and foods are generally taboo during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, there are a number of foods that will not harm the baby, but may individually cause digestive problems or reduce the nutritional value of breast milk. Alcohol and caffeine are, of course, among the group of unsuitable foods we are all familiar with. […]

How to get rid of ants at home and in the garden?

Ants are beneficial insects that help with aerating the soil and spreading plant seeds in nature. However, this is not the case for the subfamily Monomorium pharaonis, or pharaoh ant. This ant is popularly an unwanted guest in households, where it breeds uncontrollably and spreads various diseases. We’ve put together a list of tips on […]

How often to deworm a cat, dog and other pets

With the acquisition of a pet comes a lot of joy, but also responsibilities and worries with routine care. Pets can instinctively take care of most of their own health. For example, a clean coat and healing minor wounds. But there are some things where human intervention is essential. One of them is regular deworming. […]

How to teach a child to potty?

Potty training is a crucial milestone in every child’s development. However, many don’t want to swap the potty, and later the toilet, for their original nappies and many mums are then looking for ways to potty train their baby. If you are one of them, try our tips. When to potty train a baby? The […]

What are sick days?

Employers today often enrich their job offers with various benefits to attract their candidates. Among the most common ones, besides meal vouchers or the possibility to work partly from home, are certainly the so-called sick days. We’ll tell you what we mean by sick days and how to take them. So what are sick days? […]

How to choose binoculars?

A pair of binoculars is one of the┬ánovel accessories, not only for hiking trips. It is widely used, for example, by hunters or wildlife photographers. For the layman, however, a look through binoculars can be an interesting experience. Professionals use these devices even at night. It is for this reason that binoculars must have good […]

Tips on how to effectively clean your iron

The iron is an integral part of most households around the world. However, its use also comes with certain responsibilities, such as regular surface cleaning and descaling. This is the only way to prevent the iron from ruining your clothes due to clogging. Check out our tips on how to clean a burnt iron and […]