How to teach a child to potty?

child to potty

Potty training is a crucial milestone in every child’s development. However, many don’t want to swap the potty, and later the toilet, for their original nappies and many mums are then looking for ways to potty train their baby. If you are one of them, try our tips.

When to potty train a baby?

The question of when to start potty training a child comes up. In the past, parents have been making these efforts almost since the baby was born. However, doctors and other experts agree that a child should not start potty training until he or she is ready. But not until he is eighteen months old at the earliest.

Broadly speaking, it is advisable to start potty training a child between 2-3 years. However, it is quite common for a child to unlearn nappies at four or five. Thus, it is not possible to clearly identify the age range of the child, but rather the signs that the child displays:

  • the child should already be able to sit up and move around on his/her own,
  • the child should already have at least partial control of his/her bladder – diapers stay clean longer,
  • the child should be able to point to a body part that you verbally mark,
  • the child should be able to perform simple tasks independently.

And he should also be able to take off and put on his pants on his own – to avoid a situation where he doesn’t make it to the potty because of your absence, which could discourage him. In short, the child should already be at least partially independent, aware of his/her excretions and able to point them out. So how do you potty train a child?

How to potty train a child?

Start with the motivational component. The child should make the decision to start potty training on his/her own. Try to get him interested in the potty. Explain to him how it works, or involve him in choosing a particular model. To understand how and what the potty is used for, try using a doll and demonstrate the process on it.

A relatively tried and tested method is then to sit on a conventional toilet, which can give the child the necessary self-confidence – they will start to feel like adults and will try to imitate them further. You can also try to involve your child in the whole process and let them help with, for example, pouring the potty.

During your child’s first attempts to potty train, keep his pants on. This will help him get used to the potty and take it as a natural part of his life. The moment you start any of the potty training procedures, do not interrupt the potty training. So don’t give your offspring a nappy even when travelling or in similar situations.

How to potty train a baby in three days?

Before you start potty training your baby, start preparing the terrain. You don’t want him to get used to moving around without a diaper. Around the house, don’t let him walk around naked from the waist down and outside, try putting on pants without underwear. Once you’ve explained the potty to your child, start thinking about its placement.

In the beginning, it’s a good idea to have several potties and place them in all rooms of the apartment or house. Always give your offspring nappies at night. Take your time and let things run their natural course.

All your attention should be on the baby. Let him say goodbye to the nappy – throw it in the bin and realise that he doesn’t really need it. After breakfast, dinner and drinks during the day, put the baby on the potty so that he or she establishes a routine and begins to seek it out on his or her own.

How to potty train a child when he doesn’t want to

Repeat the above description of how to potty train a child for three days. If the procedure doesn’t work, don’t panic. Just don’t get angry or shout at your baby. On the contrary, praise him whenever he manages to go potty, or even reward him with something.

Try not to push the potty and don’t scare the child too much. Simplify the whole process for your child, don’t put on pants that are difficult to take off and experiment with potty placement. You’ll see that once your baby is ready, he’ll claim the potty on his own.

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