How to recognize chickenpox in children and adults?


Cowpox is the name of the disease caused by the herpesvirus HHV-3, aka Varicella zoster virus. They are highly contagious and although their course is usually mild, they are certainly not to be underestimated. What are the symptoms of chickenpox and who can be affected?

Diseases in children and adults

We usually associate this disease with young children, but it can occur at any age. Permanent immunity is provided by having the disease, but recently there has been talk of vaccination (two doses of the vaccine given at least six weeks apart), which both children and adults can receive.

Symptoms of smallpox

The typical symptoms of smallpox include characteristic blisters on the skin. However, other difficulties appear much earlier. Among others :

  • fever,
  • headache,
  • sore throat,
  • muscle pain
  • and malaise.

The itchy rash, the most characteristic symptom of smallpox, usually appears within two days of observing the first symptoms. Initially, these are circular red spots that over time turn into watery blisters filled with transparent fluid that itch very unpleasantly.

Where do blisters appear?

Itchy blisters can affect the whole body, but the most common “breakouts” are on the face and chest. Very rarely, this rash can also affect the oral mucosa, eyes or even the genitals. The seeding of blisters occurs gradually, so that after a few days of illness, all forms of blisters can be observed on the skin of the patient at the same time. Thus, both spots and later on poured blisters appear on the body and finally scabs, which is their final stage.

How long does this condition last? In children, it is usually 5-10 days (counting the date of the last sowing of new blisters), but the complete healing of all skin lesions takes a little longer, so patients usually deal with the disease for two to three weeks.

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