How to get rid of green water in the pool?

Green water in the pool may not only be an aesthetic blemish, but also a symptom of its harmfulness to the human body. To prevent green water, you need to clean your pool regularly, disinfect it and maintain the correct pH value. We will advise you on how to get rid of green water in your pool and how to prevent it from turning cloudy.

Green pool water, causes

Green water in pool can have several causes. The most common are poor water pH, caused by inadequate treatment through chemicals and sudden changes in weather. Thus, not only insufficient disinfection or management, but also summer storms and a sharp rise in temperature are detrimental to the pool.

Especially during the summer months, you should therefore regularly monitor the pH value of the water, which should be between pH 6.8-7.4, and regularly clean the pool with multifunctional tablets containing an algicide.

how to get rid of green water

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Another important element of the procedure to get rid of green water in pool is the sufficient use of filtration. The more frequently and longer you run the filtration, the lower the risk of green water. On summer days, you can leave the filtration running for up to twelve hours – this will have an impact on electricity costs, but it will prevent algae and hardening of the water.

How to green pool water

An essential part of tips on how to green water is an emphasis on regular monitoring of the condition of the pool. Once you notice that the water is starting to turn green, you need to act quickly. The rule of thumb here is that the greener the water, the harder it will be to return it to its original form.

One of the first signs of greening pool water is a slimy coating that forms on the walls and bottom. These are transparent algae that with the addition of heat and light begin to spread and thicken.

How to get rid of green water in pool? Chemicals are the answer

There are several ways you can get rid of green water in pool. At the beginning of each of them, you need to check the aforementioned pH value. To do this, use special tests that will evaluate the current value. If the value is lower or higher than the above mentioned value, the pH value should be lowered or raised by means of special products – pH plus and pH minus, which are supplied by various manufacturers (e.g. Savo).

green pool water

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If the pH comparison does not work you need to proceed to so-called shock disinfection, for which you will again need special chemicals. If the shock disinfection does not work and the water remains turbid, the last chemical treatment is a clarifier.

You can buy the above mentioned chemicals on the internet and in specialty stores. An example would be Mountfield, but also other pool and pool accessory suppliers. The staff there will be able to advise you on the specific product and brand.

How to clean weak green water in a pool

In the case where the water in the pool is just starting to turn green, you may be able to get away with simply adjusting the pH value. pH plus and pH minus products are used for this purpose and their use depends on the measured water value in the pool. If the pH value is less than 6.8, use pH plus, if it is more than 7.4, use pH minus.

Pour the product into the pool and leave for six hours, then chlorinate the pool heavily and take a check measurement the next day. If the pH has leveled off and the pool water still takes on a green tinge, use a flocculant to help remove the algae. After application, filter and vacuum the pool properly.

How to get rid of severely green pool water

If you fail to catch the green water in your pool in time, a second procedure is in place to get rid of green water in pool. This is a little more challenging, but more effective.

In the first step, measure the pH again for an hour, if the value is correct you will need to chlorinate the pool using crystal chlorine shock – a chemical. Dissolve the product in a separate container, if you were to pour it directly into the pool, white spots would form.

Once dissolved, pour the product into the pool and run the filtration for a few hours. You can run a counter-current or other attraction to spread the product faster. Depending on the volume of the pool add algicide cleaner and refill with filtration according to the normal daily cycle. The water should then lose its green tinge.

At the end of the procedure to get rid of green water, use a handheld vacuum cleaner in mode to ensure that the water goes out of the pool. Then start the filter pump and vacuum the settled flakes into the drain.

How to get rid of green algae in pool? Try Savo

The previous paragraphs have already mentioned that you can choose a variety of chemicals to apply the procedure to get rid of green algae in pool. One of their manufacturers is Savo, which also offersspecialized pool cleaning products.

If the water in the pool is green and smells, you can make do with Savo Original. The recommended dosage is 240 ml per m3, so the amount depends on the volume of the pool. Leave the product in the pool for a few hours.

Green pool water and blue rock

In addition to specialty products, you can try cleaning up green pool water with blue rock. Mix it in a bucket with water and let it dissolve. When dosing, you should stick to the recommended dose of 5-7 g per 1 m3 of water.

Once the blue rock has dissolved in the bucket, pour it into the pool. Leave it with the filtration on for twenty-four hours. You can apply this procedure twice a summer as a preventative measure.

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