How to fix a cracked phone screen?

We all know it. Just a moment of inattention, crowded public transport or just a harmless nudge on the street and our touchscreen darling is lying on the ground. Such a fall often takes out the most important part of the phone – the display, and while it doesn’t necessarily affect its functionality, it causes a cosmetic flaw that not everyone can put up with. Here’s how to fix a cracked phone screen, or at least mask the cracks so they’re not visible.

How to fix a broken phone screen

The display of most of today’s smartphones consists of two layers – the touchscreen and the LCD itself. So the way to fix a cracked display varies depending on the type of damage that occurred.

Damage to the touchscreen is typically associated with thedoes not prevent normal use of the phone. It is therefore only an aesthetic defect. The second case – cracking of the phone’s LCD display – is worse. Here, there is nothing to do but to replace the display. Often even with the second mentioned part.

how to fix a broken phone display

Source: PixabayIn both cases, you have two choices to fix the cracked phone screen. Either you can find a repair shop that will replace one or both parts, or you can do the repair yourself.

How do I fix a cracked phone display with my own hands?

If you’re a DIYer, or just don’t want to shell out that much money for a repair, you can try some of the following tips on how to fix a cracked display on your own. Most of them – the easy ones – only work on light scratches. So if you have deeper cracks on your display, it’s probably easiest for you to reach for a display replacement right away, either at a repair shop or with your own hands.

A wallpaper that covers cracks

The most well-known and at the same time the least effective trick to fix a cracked mobile screen is to cover the crack with a suitable wallpaper. There are a number of screenshots available on the internet that show how users creatively use the different stances of action actors to create the illusion of breaking the display with their fighting moves.

Also, choosing a dark wallpaper where cracks or scratches won’t be as noticeable can help, at least temporarily. However, this is only a temporary solution that can be useful when you have an important meetingfor example on your agenda and you want to make an impression. However, you will not get rid of the problem as such.

Cracked phone screen and polishing paste

A more effective way to disguise a cracked phone screen is with polishing pastes. You apply the paste to the screen and use circular motions to scrub over the screen, sanding the touch screen layer and smoothing the screen surface. Small scratches can be completely removed in this way, but there is a risk of disturbing the touch layer and thus impairing the control of the phone.

How to fix a cracked phone screen? Try a retouch fix

Similar to the case of scratched car paint, you can solve a cracked phone display with a retouch fix. You need to degrease the display before using the marker or brush, then just swipe a few times. Smaller scratches will completely disappear from the display and larger ones will at least be covered up.

Cracked display and the magic of UV

The last tip to fix a cracked phone display on your own is to use a tempered glass glued with UV glue or UV gel. In both cases, the UV layer will dissolve under the radiation from the UV lamp and fill the cracks in the display beyond recognition.

You can order tempered glass with UV adhesive from eBay or AliExpress, where they often include the UV lamp.

How to replace a cracked phone screen yourself

The most effective way to fix a cracked phone screen is, of course, to replace it. Even this act can be done by yourself with a little skill at home. Before you go ahead, it’s worth noting that tampering with the device voids your warranty. Likewise, home repairs are typically less effective than those from authorized service centers, where they work in dust-free environments and the like.

In other words, although you can get a do-it-yourself display replacement, no one can guarantee that the display will last as long in the end result as it would in a professional replacement.

how to replace a phone display

Source: Pixabay

If you still want to do the display replacement yourself, just follow these steps:

  1. Buy a display, or just the touchscreen portion of the display, for your phone model.
  2. Disassemble the phone, either through the back cover or by prying out the back of the body.
  3. Disassemble all the screws – suitable screwdrivers and pry bars are typically included with the display.
  4. Remove the securing strips that hold the screen in place.
  5. Use a crowbar or credit card, for example, to separate the glass from the rest of the body.
  6. Connect the new glass.
  7. Fold the phone back in.

The above steps are just a general procedure on how to replace your phone’s display. This is because the specific procedure varies slightly from model to model, either due to the design or manufacturer of the device. For example, you can find plenty of step-by-step tutorials on YouTube to guide you.

How to fix a cracked mobile phone screen

The safest and also the most expensive way to fix a mobile phone display is to use a repair service. On the other hand, however, you get a greater guarantee that the display will actually work, and this service is usually covered by a one or six-month warranty.

Price for mobile phone display repair

The price for mobile phone display repair varies depending on the brand and specific model. However, many repair shops have a table of the most popular models available on their websites, along with a summary of prices for each repair. So, if you own an iPhone, for example, you can compare prices from each provider beforehand.

If you don’t find your phone in the price list, a technician of the respective company or support will be happy to tell you the specific amount via e-mail. The length of the repair then depends on the complexity of the task in question. Many repair shops also offer express replacements, which are completed within a few hours – but you have to pay extra for them.

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