How to find out the altitude?


The altitude affects the weather and the difficulty of the terrain. Its knowledge is therefore particularly useful for hikers or travellers. We will advise you on how you can find out the altitude and how to spell its abbreviation correctly.

How is altitude measured?

Altitude is the vertical distance of a point (such as a village) from the mean sea level of the nearest sea – e.g. for the UK and USA, the Atlantic Ocean, . Mean sea level is the average level between low tide, high tide and seasonal variations.

On maps, elevation is marked by contour lines – lines connecting places with the same elevation and elevation. An alternative is to mark them with colours and their different shades.

How to find out the altitude?

The question arises as to where to find out the altitude. There are several tools you can use for this purpose:

  • altimeter (pressure gauge) – generally the least accurate way, as weather and air pressure play a specific role here,
  • paper maps – where you just locate both points and estimate the altitude through the indicated layers.
  • electronic maps – for example Google Earth,
  • smart watches – some models have this function already built in, others just need to install an app,
  • GPS on your phone.

How do I use my phone’s GPS to measure altitude?

The last way to find out the altitude is by using the GPS sensor of a smart mobile phone. Some of these, like smartwatches, may have an app that allows this already pre-installed. Otherwise, just visit Google Play or the App Store and download one of the third-party apps.

Examples of Android apps for measuring altitude:

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