How to fall asleep fast, even without pills

Quality sleep is the foundation of every successful day. It has a major contribution to an individual’s level of concentration and quality of work performance. S Insomnia is a problem for more and more people in today’s hectic world. We’ll give you advice on how you can beat insomnia, and how to fall asleep fast without needing pills.

Why can’t I fall asleep?

You get into bed and your brain starts to “go” at full speed. You think about the tasks you’ll have to face the next day or you start analyzing your life from the beginning… Everyone knows it. But why does it happen? Why can’t I fall asleep when I’m tired?

The most common causes of sleep problems certainly include stress, excessive psychological stress or a change in biological conditions. You should therefore try to eliminate them and “get comfortable” before going to bed.

Sleep does have a major impact on your concentration and work performance. The consequence of sleep deprivation is fatigue, malaise, irritability and even a tendency to depression if problems persist unresolved.

How to treat insomnia

Long-term sleep problems are called insomnia. They are manifested by disruption of the falling asleep process and frequent waking. Just as it is difficult to fall asleep in the evening, it is also difficult to get up in the morning, and during the day you may experience a reduction in the quality of mental processes or a headache.

The answer to the question of how to treat insomnia varies depending on how long you have been dealing with it. It can be transient insomnia, acute or chronic. Transient insomnia typically lasts no more than a few days, with acute insomnia people have talked about weeks and even months with chronic insomnia. As a rule of thumb, if your problems persist for more than a week, it is a good idea to seek professional help.

how to fall asleep fast without pills

Source: PixabayThe primary way you can beat insomnia is with regular sleep. So try to establish a routine and go to bed at the same time every time. Your body will get used to this hour and will demand sleep itself. The second point is a good quality mattress and pillow. Check with salespeople in stores and don’t be afraid to invest in good quality sleeping gear.

3 basic tips to fall asleep fast

Sleep problems can also be caused by diet. So make sure you eat a balanced diet and plan your last meal a few hours before bedtime. You should also skip coffee or other caffeinated drinks up to four hours before you go to bed. Similar to caffeine, you should also limit smoking or alcohol immediately before bedtime, as both substances have stimulant effects.

What can help you fall asleep faster, on the other hand, is hot milk or cocoa. Another point is more exercise. Even shorter walks during the afternoon will help fatigue your body and make you fall asleep faster.

The previous paragraphs have already mentioned eliminating stress and inducing a sense of relaxation. Try not to take your problems to bed and clear your head before going to sleep. For example, taking stock of your day by writing down all the successes or restarts you have in the morning can help you do this.

Reading or your own imagination can also help. Simply think only of positive things or a dream future that will calm you down and gradually put you to sleep on its own.

Tips to fall asleep fast, even if you can’t

In addition to preparing yourself and your mind for sleep, you should also adapt your surroundings to it. Therefore, another tip on how to fall asleep fast is to limit the blue light source. Blue light blocks melatonin, which is a hormone important for sleep. So your body, when following the blue light, is basically getting a signal that it’s not yet time to sleep.

The most common sources of blue light are mobile phone, computer or TV screens. So try to avoid watching them just before sleep. In the case of mobile phones, there are a number of apps that allow you to eliminate blue light.

On the other hand, the orange and red light emitted by candles, for example, has positive effects. These can be complemented with relaxing scents such as sage, lavender chamomile or rosemary. For many people, complete darkness is also helpful, and you can help with this by wearing a sleeping bag, for example. Listening to soothing music or the sounds of nature can also have positive results. A mobile app can also help in this case.

The temperature in the room should not exceed 20 °C, while a minimum of 18 °C is the standard recommendation. Before you go to bed, take a short, warm shower, which will both make you feel good and make the room feel cooler. Don’t forget to air out – fresh air helps to oxygenate the blood. Warm socks for your feet can also help the cold.

How to fall asleep quickly in two minutes or try the scientific way

The issue of insomnia is a very broad topic thathas been addressed by many scientists around the world. So if the methods mentioned above have not worked for you, you can try methods that have come out of scientific research.

The first of these methodologies is conscious breathing or the 4-7-8 method, based on a simple principle:

  1. Brace your tongue against your front upper teeth.
  2. Breath in through your nose for four seconds.
  3. Hold your breath for seven seconds.
  4. Exhale slowly through your mouth for eight seconds.

The result should be an oxygenation of the body and with this a calming of the mind or a reduction in heart rate. If the procedure does not work the first time, you can try it again, but no more than four times.

The last tip for falling asleep quickly is the so-called military method, which is actually taught to soldiers during training to prepare for sleep in literally, combat conditions. The aim of this method is to relax the whole body.

Start at the face,relax the mime muscles, and work down through the arms to the legs. Once you have the whole body relaxed, move on to relaxing the mind. Try to create a sense of calm, either by imagining or simply repeating to yourself that you don’t want to think about anything. The whole process should not take more than two minutes.

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