How to download movies from Netflix?

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Are you an avid Netflix subscriber, too? And did you know that you can enjoy their wide selection of movies and TV shows even when you don’t have access to WiFi and your data is near zero? We’ve got a simple and concise guide to show you how to play movies offline on Netflix and how to download movies from Netflix to your PC and mobile.

How to download movies from Netflix to its app

Netflix has a great option for you how to save your mobile data on the go. Just download a few movies or episodes of your favourite show in advance. But don’t think you can just download them to your PC and throw them on a flash drive.

  1. Download and install the Netflix app on your device. You cannot download via browsers.

The apps are available for Androids and iOs devices or Windows 10 and 11, but also for the less common Amazon Fire tablet and Chromebook.

    1. Launch the app and sign in to your subscription Netflix account
    2. Select the movie or series you want to download and play later. However, not everything can be downloaded (depending on rights and licenses), so you can use the “Downloadable Shows” filter
    3. On the page with the description and information about the selected movie or show, then just click on download
    4. After downloading, you’ll find your show in your Netflix app under the downloaded shows tab. Just select it and start playing.

Downloading is very fast and you can download up to 100 shows on one device at a time, so you can stock up very quickly. Depending on the speed of your connection, of course.

However, keep in mind that downloaded shows will not be available in your account forever and the ability to play them will expire after a while. In addition, some shows have a limited number of downloads per year, so only download what you actually have a chance to watch.

How to download a Netflix movie to your computer

While it’s not an option that Netflix would exactly approve of, there are some nifty programs and add-ons for your computer that can download a Netflix movie in the language, format and quality you want. We’d like to introduce them to you now.

TunePat Netflix Video Downloader

A freely available app for Windows 10 and 11 allows you to easily download videos from Netflix in HD quality. Just download the app, log into your Netflix account and search for the movie or series you want to download. Then you can download it or use the advanced download settings to choose the output format, quality and more.

Sound too simple? You’re right. That’s because TunePat will only let you download the first 5 minutes of a show on a trial basis in the non-paid version. After that, you’ll need to pay for a monthly or annual plan or purchase the program as a one-time purchase.

FlixiCam for downloading videos from Netflix

Another very successful app that you can easily install is FlixiCam. Like TunePat, it offers the ability to quickly download movies and TV shows from Netflix directly to your computer, the ability to set the download output. The catch, however, is exactly the same. Again, it’s a paid app that you can subscribe to for exactly the same price as TunePat.

How do I download a movie from Netflix for free?

Although free Netflix download apps seem to be an unavailable commodity, you can find occasional promotions and exceptions. Among them, FreeGrabApp is currently one in particular. With it, you can download videos from Netflix for free and with all the settings possible.

While you need a paid account activation to activate the product – that is, the app – you can easily get the activation key for free and enjoy downloading from Netflix in free mode for a whole year. All it takes is a moment of your time to write a app review of at least 1,000 characters and post it in one of the designated places. Then just send the link to your review to the creators of the app, and if the wording is right, the key is yours!

You can download for free, but you just don’t set the desired output and the download speed will be severely limited.

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