How to boost my immunity?

Are your immunity suffering from a never-ending cold, are you often cold and feel that every germ that passes by jumps on you? Then it’s high time to focus on boosting your immunity. Find out with us how to armour your body against adverse environmental influences and insidious microorganisms.


1. Focus immunity on your gut

Directly in the lining of our intestines are the cells of the immune system. And that there are! They outnumber all the cells in our body. What will support their proper functioning?


… we know them mostly for tonsillitis or inflammation, when they are recommended together with antibiotics. They positively affect the microflora of our colon, which is perhaps the most important immune organ in the body. Probiotics are lactic acid bacteria – for example, lactobacilli and bifibacteria, which destroy pathogenic organisms in our intestines.

A balanced varied diet

… as we have come to understand, our immune system works when our gut is functioning properly and therefore so are the immune cells living in it.

  • Minimize your consumption of sugars – they reduce the ability of white blood cells to absorb unwanted bacteria
  • Have as varied a diet as possible – fruits, vegetables, good quality animal fats, include fish, fermented dairy products or nuts and legumes.

Don’t underestimate your drinking

Drink mainly water, herbal or green teas, but avoid sweetened sodas and alcohol.

2. Play sports and relax to boost immunity

Exercise is important for the proper functioning of our digestion, but in general it is one of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Keep fit, oxygenate your muscles with movement and ensure a healthy heart. And you don’t have to train for a marathon, walks in nature are quite sufficient, as they also act as the perfect relaxation.

Even if it’s hard in today’s hectic times, try to de-stress. Breathing exercises, meditation can help, but so can better scheduling the time you start spending with your family, regular walks or your favourite hobbies. Also focus on regular sleep and adequate rest.

3. Herbs and supplements

If you are unable to relieve stress or establish a regular healthy diet, reach for dietary supplements to ensure a regular supply of minerals, vitamins and other beneficial substances in ideal daily amounts.

You can also include herbal teas or tinctures, for boosting immunity it helps especially:

  • witch hazel
  • Maradilla
  • black elderflower
  • buckthorn
  • echinacea
  • horsetail
  • ginger

4. Try hardening off

Another scientifically proven way to boost our immunity is by hardening. But you don’t have to head out into an icy pond in your swimsuit right away. Instead, it is recommended to start slowly with a cold morning shower, for example, or start with a sauna session.

5. The right temperature at home and at work

A common reason for winter illnesses can be partly due to unhealthy overheating in the place where we spend most of the day. If we overdo it with the room temperature, our dry nasal mucous membranes will suffer, which can hardly function as an effective filter.

So our bodies will suffer if we venture outside. Due to the large temperature difference, our body will literally be in shock, and every degree really counts here. Always try to keep the heating to no more than 22°C and at night, ideally lower the temperature by another 4°C at least in the bedroom or children’s rooms.

And don’t forget to keep your feet warm. Especially if you have problems with their blood circulation. Cold feet and frostbitten limbs are another issue that often underlies a cold or cold, but also unpleasant urinary problems.

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