How often to deworm a cat, dog and other pets

deworm a cat, dog

With the acquisition of a pet comes a lot of joy, but also responsibilities and worries with routine care. Pets can instinctively take care of most of their own health. For example, a clean coat and healing minor wounds. But there are some things where human intervention is essential.

One of them is regular deworming. The frequency varies according to the species of animal and the environment in which it lives. It is different for animals living outdoors and different for pets that are purely domestic.

There are several ways to deworm. The best known and most commonly used are tablet and trap preparations. For animals that have difficulty swallowing these products, it is also possible to use the so-called Spot-on, which is a form of drops that is applied to the animal’s neck between the shoulder blades.

Deworming in cats

In general, if a cat is outdoors, it is at greater risk of parasites and deworming should be carried out every three months using one of the methods mentioned above. If the cat is kept exclusively indoors, it only needs to be dewormed once every six months. It is different for small kittens, and other cats that you newly bring home from outside and are obviously infected with parasites.

Kittens are wormed at three weeks of age and then every three weeks until they are 12 weeks old. After that, just follow the normal interval.

Deworming in dogs

Unlike cats, dogs are always outdoors, some more, some less. However, they are all at greater risk of parasites. It is therefore necessary to deworm every three months.
For puppies, the deworming schedule is the same as for kittens. That is, first at two to three weeks and then every three weeks until 12 weeks of age.

Other animals

Most of us just have a dog or cat at home, but some other less common animals need to be wormed too. Rabbits or ferrets, for example. However, if we only keep them at home, we only deworm them after a positive finding in the animal’s droppings by a vet, as per the doctor’s instructions.

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