How do I find out who is viewing my Instagram profile?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today. It has earned its popularity through a number of interesting features and gadgets that allow you to share experiences and memories with users across the world. If you’re one of Instagram’s active users, then you may have already wondered how to find out who is viewing your profile without following you.

How to find out who is viewing your Instagram profile

From the outset, it must be said that there is no 100% workable solution to find out who is viewing your Instagram profile. Instagram, like Facebook, doesn’t share this information with users and unfortunately, the moment you have a public profile, you can’t find out who all has seen your posts.

Want to know who’s viewing your Instagram profile? Avoid the apps

If the question of how to find out who is viewing my Instagram profile has been nagging you for a while, then you may have came across third-party apps that promise to help you solve this mystery.

But the opposite is true. Although most apps, whether for Android or iOS, look like they actually work, they actually display only random results and try to extort your personal information from you.

In order for these apps to work, Instagram (or Facebook, for that matter) would have to release an API through which the app could access the desired information. However, Instagram only releases access to basic information such as profile photo, profile bio, etc.

So it doesn’t help if you enter your login credentials into a third-party application. On the other hand, doing so puts you at even greater risk of sharing your details outside of Instagram and potentially losing your account, for example.

Third-party apps as a source of profile information

This doesn’t mean, of course, that every additional Instagram app alienates your personal information. Some may even be useful, as they present you with interesting profile statistics.

None of them, however, will tell you anything that you can’t find out yourself from your Instagram profile.

How to find out who visits your Instagram profile most often

So neither Instagram nor any of the third-party apps will show you who is viewing your profile. This leaves Stories as the only way you can reveal your profile visitors. If you view your published stories, you’ll see total views at the bottom of the screen. When you click on it, a full list of users who have viewed the story will pop up.

In the past, you could then also follow the list of views for older posts in the archive or in the selections. Recently, however, Instagram has removed this option as well, and you can only track the number of views while the story is directly on your profile (by clicking on the profile photo).

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