Foods that reduce uric acid. Which are suitable for the purine diet?

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Too high a concentration of uric acid in the body can cause a variety of health problems, the most well-known of which is DNA (a type of arthritis), affecting joints in various parts of the body. However, reducing the concentration of uric acid in the body does not have to be done only through pharmacological preparations; some foods can also do the job very well.

Uric acid reduction diet (purine diet)

A proper diet is an important part of any treatment that targets DNU or other similar diseases. The recommended points can basically be summarized in four principles:

  • Limit foods rich in negative purine compounds (this includes especially offal or red meat).
  • Eat regular meals (3-4 times a day).
  • A steady daily regimen – the last meal should be consumed approximately 3-4 hours before bedtime, as the amount of uric acid retained in the body increases during the night.
  • Increased drinking – about 3 litres of fluid (preferably water) should be consumed each day to flush out uric acid naturally.

Foods that reduce uric acid

Overall, your diet should be based primarily on foods from which the body produces only minimal amounts of uric acid. These are mainly:

  • some vegetables (e.g. asparagus, onions, eggplant, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, chicory, cabbage, kohlrabi, radishes, tomatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, beets, potatoes, celery, etc.),
  • some fruits (e.g. apples, kiwi, cherries, plums, strawberries, pears, cherries, pineapple, oranges, bananas),
  • dairy,
  • eggs and nuts,
  • whole grain products (especially whole wheat and wheat bread),
  • supplements (rice, semolina, pasta, etc.)

Less frequently, (at most a few times a week) it is also possible to consume foods that “supply” the body with slightly more uric acid, but if their consumption is monitored (there should not be more than one kind in one meal), they do not cause too much trouble to the body. Of course, it is not advisable to consume them as the last meal of the day. And which ones are they?

  • veggies,
  • legumes (e.g. peas, soybeans, beans, chickpeas),
  • some meats (e.g. beef, poultry, venison, lamb, pork),
  • some fish: cod, pikeperch,
  • some vegetables: spinach, mushrooms
  • others: chocolate, corn.

What definitely not to eat on a purine diet

But of course, you can also find foods that increase the amount of uric acid. Their consumption is therefore recommended only very rarely in the case of the diet. These are mainly:

  • intestines (e.g. liver, heart, kidneys, tongues),
  • fish and fish products (e.g. sardines, tuna, smoked salmon, sprat, herring, carp with skin, smoked mackerel and also any roe),
  • strong meat broths,
  • ready meals and canned foods.

It is also advisable to include any good quality fats and oils in small amounts in the diet. Conversely, alcohol should be completely avoided.

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